FeteBerlin Application

With an objective to provide a far richer event experience to the  Fête attendees, we delivered an app available both in AppStore  and Google Play. With its intuitive features the app is the entire Fête de la Musique experience displayed in a visually beautiful feed.

Users are able to quickly find out what is happening at the event, browse a full day schedule as well as a listing of venues (stages) and artists. In Stages, users can find all the artists performing per stage and filter the information by district, name, time and more according to their personal preferences. With Artists, attendees can view a list of all the artists, get directions to the stage where they perform and link to the artist’s website. Artist details include name, genre, start time, stage and the artist’s URL. With Twitter and Facebook streams users can find all the news related to Fête Berlin and even post and share their experience with their friends. An Interactive map also provides a view of all stages in Berlin and a routing to the preferred stage. Last but not least, our web-based admin tools or synch options make publishing a revised schedule simple and people with the app can automatically receive updates.

The app is available for:

iPhone: and