Why do you need an Infalia's app for your event?

Infalia revolutionizes the way events are being organized, attended and assessed. We offer a variety of innovative tools to address the needs of the event ecosystem. With attendees increasingly adapting to a mobile way of experiencing events, nowadays, an event manager has to offer a far richer event experience to ensure engagement and ROI. Mobile apps are now becoming an indispensable ingredient for an event's success. We offer robust and scalable solutions for various types of events

How can you benefit?

01Save costs and Generate Additional Revenues

02Provide more value to your sponsors and exhibitors

03Increase attendance: enhanced event engagement

04Offer a better event experience to attendees

05Get instant access to all participants

06Know the impact of your incentives

07Go green

08Convert your users into ambassadors

09Highlight your activities/speakers

10Send last minute updates

11Create buzz around your event

12Enable conversations

13Real-time content update

14Provide directions with maps

15Achieve better audience retention rates