Why do you need Infalia for your City?

Infalia shares one vision with public authorities: to build more collaborative, empowered and creative cities benefiting people and society. To this end, the mission of ImproveMyCity is to nurture, promote and scale urban innovations enabled by mobile and social technologies through collaborative partnerships between government and civil society. We aim to turn mobile users into the living sensors of their city and bring policy makers closer to the real life of citizens. We improve the quality of urban living by making information sharing and consumption more direct, efficient and fun.

What are the benefits?



01Communicate with their public authorities in a more direct and intimate way

02Become more active and empowered

03Feel more satisfied with the city’s effort to improve their neighborhood and their living standards

04Actively participate in improving their city's branding image

Public Servents enjoy

05Management efficiency by aggregating all reported issues in one system

06Improved user experience in operating the management system

07Full automation in distributing the responsibility and workload based on the category of the reported issue

08Efficient mechanisms to track pending issues, monitor their progress and provide non-standard feedback to the citizen.

Local authorities

09Promote transparency and openness, as well as a sense of serving the community

10Serve citizens directly and without any delays

11Embrace innovation and new technologies by upgrading the public services to eGovernment and mGovernment

12Create a fast growing pool of satisfied citizens that are also willing to sense the problems of their neighborhood and contribute to their resolution